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Software & Web Development

Rich Internet Applications

Rich Internet Applications help ensure that your website captures user’s attention!

Effective user experience can make a big difference to your business. Intechcenter has an expertise in creating such distinct experiences using RIA technologies such as Adobe FLEX, FLASH, AJAX and one of the newest HTML 5. We create highly interactive Internet applications and user experiences by merging database driven, server side functionality with usability of client side applications.

With the distributed processing of an RIA on a networked computer, it is possible to send more data from the server to the client's computer and use more of its processing power to handle complex user interactions in real-time. RIAs offer richer interactive behaviors and more functionality that works within a single screen. They require fewer returns to the server—conserving both network and server CPU bandwidth—and therefore, require fewer arbitrary interruptions of a user’s normal task flow.

Rich Internet Applications can do this: